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  • Added setting under "Message" menu (at the top) -> "Use proxy for loading images in preview".
  • Improved when leeching IMDB information for multiple messages to show all errors at the end.
  • Fixed new ReCaptcha in some rare cases not trying to solve with auto-captcha service.
  • Fixed rare start-up messages loading issues.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • 64-bit build with all 64-bit benefits.
  • Added support for IMDB leeching for TV series by title. Subject must start with title following by season information (for example: S01E01).
  • Added option to ignore extensions when trying to match new links by filename in URL.
  • Improved when copying license key to include short program name "TL" at the start (just easier and people won't forget that).
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new ReCaptcha support via Anti-Captcha, DeathByCaptcha, RipCaptcha services.
  • Added automatic flag detection based on language. Setting in "Main settings" -> "Flags". Disabled by default. When enabled uses 75MB more RAM.
  • Added edit option from messages preview window.
  • Added special keyword "NOT" support when searching inside message text.
  • Added special search and filter keyword "OR". Must written all uppercase. For example text1 OR text2, will filter everything what matches text1 or text2.
  • Added support to leech IMDB from title and year when message does not have IMDB links inside. In that case message must have element where to insert the info (can be added with replacements). The subject of the message must start with title and year (dots, underscore, braces does not matter).
  • Improved to remember main tables sorting order if it was changed by clicking on column.
  • Updated main internal component which should give better performance and better memory management.
  • Fixed SSL (https) problems.
  • Fixed youtube URL leeching when getting IMDB information.
  • Fixed image sizes in preview window.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added "Donate" option in "About" menu.
  • Added options in "Extract links" window to "Add links as mirror", "Remove all links", "Enter the same text for all".
  • Added "match by domain" option when loading new links from .txt file.
  • Added IMDB leeching button for multiple messages at the same time.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added option in "Main settings" -> "Messages" -> "Scroll to end of the message when selected.".
  • Added buttons in "Replacements" tab to move replacements up or down if needed.
  • Fixed IMDB leeching.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Improved images preview loading in preview window.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added option in "Main settings" -> "Messages" -> "Capitalize subjects when leeching".
  • Added special search and filter keyword "NOT". Must written at the start all uppercase. Will filter everything not containing words after it.
  • Added basic login support and default selectors for PHPost type.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new host type "For visiting". Links in message text for added hosts will be visited to check for redirection and updated if needed.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added delete button in messages preview window.
  • Fixed some rare URLs validating issues.
  • Fixed saving to internal files when leeching DLE blogs RSS.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added "Clear" button for replacements fields.
  • Fixed some message preview problems which had nested BBCode.
  • Fixed loading new links in "Extracted links" window problem when loading in chronological order.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added shortcut CTRL+ALT+F to focus the main message area.
  • Improved RSS leaching to better avoid duplicate messages.
  • Improved images preview loading. Will load now faster without small GUI freeze.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added "STATUS" -> "CAPTCHA" tab in case wanted to enter captcha manually if needed (rarely). If some website show captchas it's better to just configure auto-captcha service in settings.
  • Added "Gather topic IDs from a page" ability in "WEBSITES" -> "Topics" tab.
  • Improved font size handling in few places.
  • Improved internal syncing stuff to better detect which program needs to be running.
  • Improved to automatically focus main text area if single section or message is selected.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added warning when adding website that you might have wrong main URL if it redirects to different URL and suggestion to change it to correct one.
  • Added new setting in "Settings" -> "Main settings" -> "Messages" -> "Messages in .txt file separator".
  • Added messages special filter in "search and filter" window: "Duplicate subjects ignoring all non-letters".
  • Added options when saving multiple messages to file: "Save each message to different file" (default which was always before) or "Save all messages to single file separated by separator".
  • Improved skipped messages reason when duplicate subject by mentioning in which section it is.
  • Fixed some conversion to HTML problems (list tag had non-needed "br" tags, "youtube" tag did not support short Youtube URLs).
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Fixed important "url" tag problem.
  • Fixed some extracting / loading links problems.
  • Fixed loading from .txt messages ordering problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new setting in "Settings" -> "Main settings" -> "Messages" -> "Use words in subject as tags".
  • Added more users ranks up to 30 (same as in themaPoster).
  • Improved mega-topics leeching to be able to enter multiple topic IDs at once.
  • Optimized icons to save some memory (RAM).
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Fixed image preview when image URL is redirecting to different URL.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new button for searching in message text.
  • Added few higher values for checking intervals in settings.
  • Added replacements for tags.
  • Improved to allow to add replacements with the same "Search for" if "Apply to all new leeched messages" is not enabled.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added "Unwanted words" for websites. Messages with unwanted words are skipped.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Fixed rare case when message might get leeched without subject.
  • Fixed rare duplicate messages leeching problem.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new field "Increment" for "Multi-Pages" leeching. More information: http://leecher.freddy.lt/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6216&p=20343#p20343
  • Added font size setting in "Main settings" -> "General". Default is 0 which means calculate automatically. The automatic is a bit different than before (see the improvement below).
  • Added new right click option for messages list "Copy URL".
  • Added new setting in "WEBSITES" -> "Other settings" -> "Leech delay". Usually not needed and will slow down leeching a lot.
  • Added new host type "For extracting". Only links by added hosts will be extracted. If no hosts are added all links are extracted (as was before).
  • Improved to ignore duplicate tags when leeching.
  • Improved links matching by filename in URL in case replacing with more hosts of the same filename.
  • Improved how default font size is set. If screen resolution is 4K or higher font size 14 will be used (+2 than before), if 1080p up to 4K - 13 (+1 than before), if lower than 1080p - 12 (same as always).
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Moved "Options" under "Settings" -> "Main settings".
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new right click option on text fields / areas "Open in browser". Opens the selected text in browser. If selected text is or has URL - opens URL. If selected text doesn't have URL - opens Google search with that text. Selected text can have multiple URLs if needed (each URL will be opened). Can also have BBCode tags around URL(s), BBCode will be ignored.
  • Added new right click option on text fields / areas "Copy URL". Does pretty much the same as "Open in browser" just copies URL(s).
  • Added new shortcut for text areas "CTRL + mouse wheel" to zoom (change font size).
  • Improved new links matching from .txt by filename in URL when one host encodes URL and other doesn't encode.
  • Fixed some rare characters being incorrectly displayed in preview windows.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added new "HOSTS" tab.
  • Added ability to add "Wanted" hosts in "HOSTS" tab. At least one added wanted host must appear in leeched message text. If there aren't any wanted hosts in message text the message is skipped and not leeched at all.
  • Added ability to add "Unwanted" hosts in "HOSTS" tab. There are two options for unwanted hosts: "Remove host when leeching" or "Skip message when leeching". If message text contains unwanted host it's either removed or message skipped and not leeched at all (based on setting).
  • Added new column in "STATUS" table "Skipped" to indicate number of skipped messages due to wanted or unwanted hosts.
  • Added right click option for "STATUS" table -> "Preview skipped reasons".
  • Fixed few small leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed images preview loading which had non-English characters in URL.
  • Fixed few small leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added topics (mega-threads) leeching support for Burning Board <= 3.x type.
  • Added setting in "Options" -> "Messages" -> "When saving messages to file add increment number at the start of file name".
  • Improved "Topics" leech. You can enter URL which has topic ID (not post ID) in topic ID field and it will try to parse the ID from URL after focus is lost.
  • Fixed important files saving bug.
  • Fixed few small leeching problems.
  • Fixed small interface issues (mostly happened with non-English characters).
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added option to add (set) sub-sections.
  • Added tags field for pages / RSS. Also in topics (mega-threads) and multi-pages leeching.
  • Added setting for RSS feeds "Don't check for duplicate subjects (leech messages with the same subjects)." in "Options" -> RSS.
  • Added keyboard shortcut setting for "My colors" in "Options" -> "Colors". From ALT+1 to ALT+5.
  • Added shortcut ALT+R for "Remove marked color from selected messages".
  • Improved / fixed save to .txt file dialogs to automatically add .txt extension if wasn't entered.
  • Improved a bit how new leeched messages are ordered when using "Pages" or "Multi-Pages" leeching. They will be ordering the same as they appear in website. Ordering is only corrected after leeching status is finished.
  • Fixed few small leeching problems.
  • Moved messages list to the left next to sections. Less mouse and eyes movements, easier to understand that you first need to select a section(s).
  • Removed name field for websites. Pointless, name is already chosen automatically anyway.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed DLE type website replacements not being applied for RSS new messages.
  • Fixed [code] inside [center] preview display problem.
  • Fixed few small leeching problems.
  • Improved topics leeching when using first line as subject to remove basic BBCode like "b", "u", "i" tags. Not needed for subject.
  • Added quick preview for main message area (ALT+X).
  • Removed from message preview window buttons to change background / text / links color. Pointless, just takes up space and memory.
  • Improved images displaying inside preview areas. Noticed that sometimes they are not fully shown.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed message preview window images loading when URL has https.
  • Fixed IMDB leeching.
  • Fixed few small leeching problems.
  • Added automatic messages saving to .txt files inside "user/messages" folder by section. First time loading after update might take longer if you have a lot of messages (will try to save all).
  • Added setting "Leech short description from IMDB." in "Options" -> "IMDB".
  • Added setting "Automatically mark with color messages with extracted and replaced links" in "Options" -> "Messages".
  • Improved multiple messages preview window. Messages are now displayed in the list (you can still use arrow keys to navigate). Window loads much faster (almost instantly).
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added leech by URL support for Blogger.
  • Added new feature to import websites from .txt.
  • Fixed IMDB TV shows leeching.
  • Added new user rank "Random" for themaPoster posting (shown as round arrow). Mostly to have the same ranks as in themaPoster.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed rare "StackOverFlow" error.
  • Added support for <prefix> tag in message text when loading from .txt.
  • Added 15 sounds to choose for website. Only visible if in "Options" -> "General" -> "Make sound when new messages leeched" is enabled.
  • Added new setting in "WEBSITES" -> "Pages" -> "Other settings" -> "Don't use subject from 'Subject with URL' selector.". Might be needed in very rare cases.
  • Added "Copy all links" button to "Extracted links" window.
  • Fixed some SSL handling issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed within program displaying problems with some rare Unicode characters.
  • Fixed few leeching problems.
  • Fixed some "code" tag spacing issues.
  • Separated type "Burning Board" to "Burning Board <= 3.x" and "Burning Board 4.x".
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added support for Multi-Pages leeching (for leeching multiple pages at once, but they are obviously not checked periodically as normal added "Pages").
  • Added support for custom cookies. Mostly in order to login for "Other" type if needed.
  • Renamed type "IP Board #1" to "IP Board 1.x / 2.x" and "IP Board #2" to "IP Board 3.x" to avoid confusion.
  • Added default support for IP Board 4.x type (login and default selectors).
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed important bug which was introduced with 2.13.


  • Fixed some SSL handling issues.
  • Updated some internal libraries to newer versions which theoretically should improve overall performance.
  • Improved some browser related security aspects.
  • Added setup for colors in "Options". Also ability to filter messages by color and new tab in color chooser "My colors".
  • Added default support for vBulletin 5.x type (login and default selectors).
  • Added option when saving multiple messages to file and file with name already exists to add increment number at the end of the file name and don't ask again.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed some RSS charset problems.
  • Added new option for loading links from .txt file: "Load new links in chronological order as they appear in .txt file".
  • Fixed BBCode to HTML conversion of list tag.
  • Fixed "Clear success" and "Clear error" buttons to avoid freezing.
  • Improved tags leeching.
  • Added option when saving links from "Extract links window" to add links separator at the end for each link.
  • Improved few small things for low resolution screens.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Improved "Load new links from .txt" feature.


  • Added ability to load new links from .txt file in "Extracted links" window. File format should be: http://old_url_file1.zip | http://new_url_file1.zip [new line] etc.. The separator can be changed in "Options" -> "Links". Or it can try to match by filename in the URL.
  • Improved preview window not to use proxy for loading images (just not needed).
  • Added new option for mega-threads (full topics) leeching "Add increment number at the end of the subject."
  • Added ability to set flags for "Pages" and "Rss feeds". Field is hidden by default, to show must click on new "Settings" button (near the "Add" button).
  • Added ability to set flag when leeching mega-thread (full topic). Only visible if enabled in "Options" -> "Messages" -> "Use flags for messages".
  • Fixed small messages sorting by date bug.
  • Added new setting for replacements: "Apply to message after IMDB leeching".
  • Added couple of lower interval values for RSS feeds and pages checking with a warning that: "Low interval value can cause decrease of performance and unexpected issues if you have a lot of RSS feeds / pages".
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed some RSS encoding detection problems.
  • Fixed few small rare login problems.
  • Fixed replacements case checking.
  • Improved restart handling when needed.
  • Improved. Made the left and right panels size adjustable.
  • Improved a bit various lists / tables handling speed.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Added Russian translation.
  • Fixed small pages detecting problem with IPBoard #2 topic leeching.
  • Added support for login of new type "uCoz blog".
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Improved "search and filter" fields performance (at least 2x-3x times faster).
  • Added support for full topic (mega-thread) leeching in most popular forum types: vBulletin, phpBB, IPBoard, MyBB, SMF, XenForo. Leech whole topic or specify custom pages range.
  • Fixed Wordpress new question / answer on login page.
  • Added zoom slider for message preview window.
  • Added "Clear" button next to search and filter field in some lists and tables.
  • Added French translation (thanks to Volger from forum).
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Improved saving / reading large user files (should also help to fix corrupted files). 2x-3x faster on saving / reading.
  • Added description, tags, subscribe field to single message preview window.
  • Fixed small leeching problems.
  • Added "Reset sync configuration" under "themaPoster" menu. Might be useful when using with themaPoster and changing network might corrupt the configuration, then reset is needed to restore normal sync functionality.
  • Added "Captcha" in options window for auto-catpcha. Very rare, but some forums might have it on login page.
  • Added button in "WEBSITES" tab to "Reset settings to default values" for those who were not familiar with ALT+Z shortcut. Mostly useful when adding new website.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed small leeching problems.
  • Fixed some rare new domains validation (.rocks one of them).
  • Added "Extract links for selected messages". Does the same as "Extract links", just for all selected messages.
  • Added tags, short description, prefix settings for sections. Will be used (if set) when leeching messages to that section for default values.
  • Added "Save links to file" button for "Extract links" window.
  • Improved a lot of internal stuff to make life easier later.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Improved. First update version notice is now shown after program is fully loaded.
  • Added option "Visualize images without [img] tag" for message preview window.
  • Added support for special tags and which can be inserted with replacements to message.
  • Added one more interval time for "Pages" leeching: 10 minutes. Which is not really recommended to use since it will increase overall load.
  • Added shortcuts F1 and F2 to open FAQ / tutorials and forum.
  • Added new custom selectors tab for tags.
  • Added keyboard shourtcuts for tabs (CTRL + tab number). For example: CTRL+1 ('MESSAGES' tab), CTRL+2, CTRL+3 and CTRL+4.
  • Added new setting in "Options" window -> "General" -> "Sort statuses by 'Check date' on start-up".
  • Fixed small and rare leeching problems.
  • Other small improvements.


  • Fixed critical URL validation bug accidentally made in 2.02.


  • Fixed "ClientProtocolException" which happened when server did not provide any content encoding.
  • Fixed some rare SSL (https) incorrect handling.
  • Fixed some websites with browser protection issue.
  • Added new BBCode button "spoiler" and shortcut "ALT+H".
  • Fixed multiple messages preview when message had uppercase [IMG] tag
  • Fixed rare issues with [color] tag.
  • Fixed textfield HTML tag leeching.
  • Added spell checker (only English). However it's disabled by default due to more RAM (memory) usage. It must be enabled manually from "bin" folder, "config.properties" file (open in any text editor), change the value for "SPELL_CHECKER" to true.
  • Updated some internal libraries.
  • Fixed some international domains validation.
  • Other small improvements.


  • Fixed small and rare leeching problems.
  • iframe tags are now not removed automatically, but converted to [embed]url[/embed]. Some websites might use iframe for advertisements inside message, if so just add iframe to remove selectors (rare cases).
  • Fixed some rare domains validation (.sexy and few others).
  • Added "Right to left writing" setting under "Message" menu.
  • Added "Redo" (CTRL+Y) functionally for text fields and improved "Undo" (CTLR+Z). Program uses (always used) global edit history for all fields which limit is 100.
  • Added simple "Find & Replace" window for text fields (accessible when right clicking on field or shortcut CTRL+H).
  • Added alphabetic separators for sections list.
  • Fixed url issues when url had non-english characters, spaces or some non parsed characters.
  • Improved a lot of internal components which will make things easier in the future.
  • Added new setting in "Options" window -> "Message" -> "Default prefix for all leeched messages".
  • Added new setting in "Options" window -> "Message" -> "Use flags for messages". Flags are based on website flag when leeching. You can also (when enabled) filter messages by flag and change flag for selected messages manually.
  • Added bbCode to html conversion of [embed] tag (to iframe).
  • Improved few fatal start-up errors handling.
  • Other small improvements.


  • Interface has changed. Website is now a basic website (not a page). Only main url needs to be added. Then you can add "Pages" or "RSS" for that website. Just overall makes things much cleaner, easier to organize and also enables other features (such user adding user, it was not possible in any way without making this change).
  • Due to above reason some of the files from 1.xx are not compatible. Internal design has changed a lot, it's not possible to really convert those files.
  • However "userMessages", "userSettings", "userSections", "userId" files are compatible and you can copy paste them as always. Please just re-add everything else.
  • Added new types: VBulletin, phpBB 2.0, phpBB 3.0, Blogger, Burning Board, Discuz, DiscuzX, Dle Forum, FluxBB, IcyPhoenix, Ip Board, MiniBB, MyBB, phpWind, PunBB, SMF, XenForo.
  • Added ability to add selectors (subject, message, subject url and remove elements) for website [more information will be added to the FAQ]. Some basic information can be found here: http://jsoup.org/apidocs/org/jsoup/select/Selector.html.
  • Added new type "Other" for all other websites (for RSS and you can make pages leeching work if it doesn't with the help of selectors).
  • Added categories for websites. Manage categories in "Options" windows -> "Categories".
  • Added flags for websites. Manage flags in "Options" windows -> "Flags".
  • Added new setting in "Options window" -> "Message" -> "What to do when sending multiple messages to themaPoster". Either post them immediately or add to posts list.
  • Added ability to send multiple messages to themaPoster.
  • Added "prefix" near the subject. Only used when sending messages to themaPoster for posting. The values are automatically synced from themaPoster on start-up.
  • Added new button "Change prefix for selected messages".
  • Added "user rank" near the subject. Only used when sending messages to themaPoster for posting.
  • Added new button "Change user rank for selected messages".
  • Added ability to add user for websites. Used for login before leeching pages. Websites with user added background will be yellow.
  • Added ability to filter statuses by flag.
  • Added "themaPoster" menu with two options: "Sync settings" and "Sync prefixes" to be able to sync at any time. Note: it's synced on start-up automatically.
  • Added ability to apply wanted replacements to messages at any time.
  • Added ability to change tags for multiple messages.
  • Improved. You can now double click on message to open browser with the url where it was leecher from.
  • Added new settings in "Options" window -> "Message" -> "When saving message to file include subject in the first line of message.".
  • Fixed color chooser.
  • Fixed word wrapping in preview window.
  • Fixed message sending to themaPoster (2.19 and above).
  • Added new action in statuses table right click context: "Jump to website".
  • Fixed setting "Always on top" (the program dialogs were shown behind the main window making impossible to see them).
  • Improved checking proxy in "CONFIG" -> "Proxy". You can now check proxy without enabling it.
  • Fixed some leeching problems.
  • Added new action in statuses table right click context: "Open messages in browser".
  • Added new setting in "Options" window -> "General" -> "Date format in program".
  • Added new setting in "Options" window -> "General" -> "Hide description field".
  • Added optional name field for replacements (to make easier to identify them if needed).
  • Added new button above messages list to "Copy selected messages to different section".
  • Other improvements and fixes.


  • Notice: this version was mainly released to solve communication issues with themaPoster, working on bigger update at the moment.
  • Fixed communication with themaPoster 2.17 (and future releases).
  • Few minor leeching fixes.
  • Some code migration to newer programming language version and newer libraries.
  • Added "date leeched" in messages list status line when single message selected.
  • Added new shortcut "ALT+M" to press the "Update message" button.
  • Added proxy configuration tab in "Options" window.
  • Fixed [youtube] tag conversion to html.
  • Other small improvements.


  • Added few smaller values for RSS feeds check interval.
  • Fixed some small leeching problems.
  • Added new tag <youtubeLink> in IMDB template tags.
  • Added "Show images for all messages" check box in messages preview window.
  • Added new setting in "Options" -> "General" - "Make sound when new messages leeched."
  • Added new setting in "Options" -> "General" - "Flash taskbar icon when minimized and new messages leeched."
  • Other small fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed error with some RSS feeds (UTF-8 error).
  • Fixed some small leeching problems.
  • Added button to preview selected messages. [img] tags are replaced to [theimg] to save space and avoid loading images. You can use arrow keys [right / left or down / up] to move from one message to another automatically.
  • Fixed small update notice problem when response comes from second server.
  • Improved. Maximize and focus when received message from themaPoster.


  • Fixed some leeching problems.
  • Improved leeching of DLE RSS feed to grab full message which is not in the feed itself.
  • Added "Leech" button for selected messages if needed to re-leech the message text for multiple messages.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.

Start point features


  • Manage your messages.
  • Leech messages from post url of supported types.
  • Leech messages from RSS feeds.
  • Leech messages from websites categories / users / main page of supported types.
  • Automatic leeching. RSS feeds and websites are checked based on specified interval.
  • Group messages by sections.
  • Supports various types of websites (DLE Blog, Wordpress).
  • IMDB information grabber.
  • Customizable IMDB template.
  • Custom replacements for message and subject.
  • Extract links from message.
  • Easily replace extracted links.
  • Send message with one click to themaPoster (v.2.13 or above).
  • Full bbCode editor integrated.
  • Settings to make it work like you want.
  • Preview your formatted message.
  • Convert message to HTML.
  • Save messages to files.
  • Load messages from files.
  • Basic clipboard functionality to "Paste & Leech" post with one click.